11 Reasons to Choose YachtLife over The Yacht Week
11 Reasons to Choose YachtLife over The Yacht Week

Many young travelers who enjoy a good party have all heard about Yacht Week. You and a small group of friends book a sailing yacht and spend a week in July sailing around Croatia, meeting up and partying with other boats along the way. It sounds like paradise! But what if I told you there was something better than Yacht Week. It’s an experience that’s almost identical but upgraded in every way possible.

It’s called YachtLife.

If you haven’t heard of YachtLife, it’s a week-long yachting trip in Croatia run by the travel group Life Before Work. The tour runs many different weeks throughout the summer, giving everyone a chance to enjoy the best vacation of their lives. 

If you’ve ever wanted to go on Yacht Week, I’m here to convince you that you need to do YachtLife instead. This was one of the best experiences of my entire life, and I truly want people like me to experience the same fun.

For more specifics on the tour, click here and see for yourself.

If the website alone doesn’t sell you, here are 11 more reasons why you have to go on YachtLife with Life Before Work.

1. You sail on two huge yachts.

While most people spend Yacht Week with a few of their closest friends cramped aboard a small yacht, YachtLife is spent cruising around Croatia with 2 large yachts that can be filled with up to 40 people each. You and a friend share a room with a bathroom on the lower deck. Both boats have large, open top decks perfect for sunbathing, dancing by the DJ, or even lounging in the hot tub. The main level has another area for lounging with friends plus a huge dining area with a large bar. That’s right! There’s a bartender mixing drinks throughout your entire trip, making it such a convenience that’s hard to beat. And you’re not just stuck on your yacht! Each time we are docked at port, we’re constantly hopping from boat to boat, making new friends and memories. I honestly felt like a queen sailing around Croatia on our big yachts!

yacht week
yacht week

2. You make more friends on YachtLife!

YachtLife gives you the opportunity to party with old friends while making tons of new friends. You can book the trip with a friend or two, a small group, or go alone (I went alone). Either way, you know you’re going to make 70+ new friends from all over the world. I got extremely close to everyone in my group. Making new friends is one of the best parts of traveling, and you’re sure to make a TON of new friends on YachtLife.

yacht week
yacht week
yacht week

3. You get much closer to your new friends because you spend the entire experience together.

My favorite part about YachtLife is that you’re spending a week with all the people on the tour. During the regular Yacht Week experience, you grab a yacht with some of your close friends and sail around hoping to make new friends. But with YachtLife, you’re guaranteed to make solid connections with people from all over the world. While you may only have a day or so to get to know the people you meet from different yachts during Yacht Week, on YachtLife you spend quality time with your new friends. It’s common when traveling to make amazing friends one day, and then say goodbye the next. But on YachtLife, you don’t have that problem. You’re friends for the entire journey!  

yacht week

4. Free Food.

Every day of the tour you’re provided free breakfast and lunch, and one goodbye dinner on-board the boat. Each meal is different from the day before. They are super delicious and filling. There was plenty of food to keep you going throughout the week, so I rarely needed to get off the boat to grab grub.

5. Themed Parties!

YachtLife planned three different themed parties for us including a Glow Party, White Party, and a Penguin Onesie Party. We knew the themes well in advanced, so we were all prepared for the fun! The themes added an extra something special to the week. Besides, everyone knows parties are always better with a theme!

yacht weel
The glow party was pretty lit! 😉

6. Each Yacht has it's own DJ.

Each of the two yachts had a DJ on board who played good music from morning to night. There was no arguing over music choice, worrying about phones dying, or who’s speaker is the loudest. Being able to count on continuous music made the experience that much more enjoyable. They always kept the party going!

yacht week
Photo credit to my friend Dave from Jones Around The World. Click here to check out his awesome travel blog!

7. You still get to meet people who are not a part of the tour!

Just because you are a part of a tour group, doesn’t mean you’re only partying with the people on your boats! Every day you dock at a new destination, party at a new club, and have the opportunity to meet new people. Tons of people from other yachts are out and about just like you, so it’s easy to make friends everywhere you go.

8. Fun day-time activities are planned.

The tour guides on board know the best activities to do at each new spot. Each day they have a main activity planned, alternatives for anyone wanting to do something different, while those nursing a hangover can choose to stay on board. From beach days, hiking to scenic look-out points, to a day filled with water-sports – you’ll never get bored! You can trust that every day you’ll do something new and great! You’re not just partying on boats for a week. You get to experience the beauty of Croatia.

yacht week
Photo credit to Jones Around The World.

9. You can choose to go to Ultra Europe before or after your journey.

If sailing around Croatia on a huge yacht isn’t exciting enough, they also give you the opportunity to go to Ultra Music Festival either before or after you set sail. I chose to go before, adding three more fun-packed days to the experience. Your ship stays docked in Split, Croatia during the festival, so you pregame aboard the boat all day and dance to some of the biggest DJs all night. Most people on my tour chose to go to Ultra, so it gave us a few days to get to know each other and bond over music before setting sail. It was such an epic add-on!

yacht week


I think this is one of the major perks of booking with LBW. Because you’re booking with a tour group, you eliminate all the stress that goes along with traveling. Knowing that everything was planned allowed me to enjoy every single moment of the journey. You don’t have to argue with friends about what to do or where to go because it’s all done for you! Figuring out how to dock at ports, planning day activities, choosing nightlife, picking music, deciding on food, going on alcohol runs – everything was already done! 

My toughest decisions were “Which bathing suit should I wear?” or “Damn, do I really need another drink?”

We take vacations to unwind and de-stress, and this trip truly lived up to that expectation. It was the most seamless travel experience I’ve ever had! 

yacht week

11. The tour guides are incredible.

Life Before Work gives you four awesome tour guides that keep the party going. They have tons of recommendations for things to do, can help with any questions you have, and are good to turn to in times of trouble. Every afternoon at lunch they’ll give you a run-down of the events going on that day. Though almost every night was a party, they never pressured anyone to join in if they weren’t feeling up to it, which I loved. They’re super laid back and are cracking jokes throughout the trip. They even give out a few awards on the last night to a few special yachties. I won “Party Animal” on my Yacht…not sure if I should be ashamed or proud.

Though I’ve not personally experienced the traditional Yacht Week, I can not rave enough about my time on Life Before Work’s YachtLife in Croatia. If you’re going to spend that kind of money going overseas to sail on a yacht, you want your experience to be worth the value. The money I spent on my YachtLife trip was well worth every single penny. I didn’t have an ounce of stress because everything was taken care of and planned perfectly for our interests. I wouldn’t even know how to make this trip better if I planned it myself.

Out of all my travels, I think my time in Croatia was my favorite. I got close to so many incredible people, danced all day and night, and woke up every morning without a care in the world knowing that it was going to be just as epic as the day before.

If you’ve ever wanted to go to Yacht Week, I’d beg you to consider YachtLife instead. I couldn’t recommend this trip enough, and would easily pay to do it all again!

yacht week

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