12 Fun Facts for First-Time Visitors of Greece
12 Fun Facts for First-Time Visitors of Greece

If you have never been to Greece before, I suggest you go buy a plane ticket and pack your bags now.

I’m not exaggerating.

Greece is a destination that tops most bucket lists – and for good reason!

With such rich and interesting history, captivating islands, fantasy-like cobblestone streets, delicious meals, and friendly locals; its hard not to love.

Each country has its own quirks that make it unique, and Greece is no different.

After spending a month hopping around Greece, there were a few things that stood out making it different from other places.

Here are twelve fun facts about Greece that’d be great mental notes for any first-time traveler!

1. You don't flush toilet paper in the toilet.

Toilet paper goes in the trash cans provided, not down the toilet pipes. This is because the pipes in Greece are much smaller, and things get clogged easily. Don’t be that person who flushes and clogs the toilet! Throw toilet paper in the bin.

2. Most places don't allow suntan lotion or oil by the pool.

 I honestly have no idea why this is a huge thing here, but it is. It’s a very common occurrence to see signs like these in Greece:

traveling to greece

3. You're surrounded by beauty everywhere you go.

Whether it’s the bright and beautiful flowers that are sprinkled around effortlessly, or the beautiful waters of the sea; you are constantly bathed in beauty in Greece.

traveling to greece

4. The public buses in some parts of Greece are extremely nice!

The buses are not grimy like the buses you’re used to seeing in Chicago or New York. They’re like the U.S. version of shuttle buses. Big, spacious, and places to store your luggage underneath. I loved taking the buses around the islands!

5. The wifi isn't always the best.

6. The food here is delicious!

And not harsh on your diet! The meals I ate here were some of my personal favorites of all time. 

traveling to greece
traveling to greece
traveling to greece

7. Greek door handles...

Ok. I’m not sure what’s going on here, or if I just had a really bad run-in with Greek doors, but the door handles here are not in good shape. They’re either falling off entirely or hanging on for dear life. The locks on doors can also be extremely difficult to use.

8. Ah, the men!

All of the men here are tall, dark, and handsome – and incredibly friendly and respectful! And luckily for us ladies, Greece is FILLED with lots of bronzed, Greek gods running around. Yippee! 

9. The showers in hostels & budget accommodation can be difficult.

Most showers are tiny square stalls right next to the toilet with less than ideal space. They also have handheld shower heads, which can make shaving extremely difficult for women.

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10. Try to avoid traveling to Greece in July or August.

This is the busiest season, and prices will skyrocket. It’s also scorching hot, filled with tourists, and it will be harder to find accommodation. I recommend going in the shoulder seasons (June or September) to get the best experience possible.

11. Island hopping is expensive.

Between paying for ferries, taxis, flights, etc., it can become extremely expensive to island hop in Greece. My advice would be to pick one group of islands and buy your tickets far in advanced. And try to avoid traveling during high season.

12. The streets really are whimsical.

This is one of those places that actually looks like a post card wherever you go. From the architecture, to the beautiful white buildings with pops of color everywhere, to the winding streets that you can get lost in; Greece is as beautiful as you’d expect.

traveling to greece
traveling to greece
traveling to greece

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