20 Signs You’ve Backpacked Southeast Asia
20 Signs You’ve Backpacked Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia backpackers stick out like a sore thumb.

We look the same, eat the same, and do the same stuff.

Have you really backpacked Southeast Asia? Here are 20 signs you have.


1. Toasties

You know what toasties are, so you know that toasties are life.







2. Elephant pants

Don’t lie, you own them.







3. Crusty feet

Go get a fish pedicure for fucks sake.






4. Dumb tattoos.









Dumb tattoos are the official symbol of the backpacker.







5. Drunk piercings

Mom and Dad would be so proud.







6. Shotguns

You’ve shotgunned more beers than you ever should have.







7. Tiger balm

Bug bites? Tiger balm.
Sore throat? Tiger balm.
Broken leg? I’m sure tiger balm would work.






8. Kebabs

Everyone’s 2 AM best friend.






9. Hostel pets

Can I pleeeease take it home?!






10. You’re broke

“It’s street food or nothing guys!”







11. The Alchemist

“It’s sooo inspiring man!”






12. Condoms

Because safety is the only thing you’re worried about when you’re rocking your roommate to sleep from the top bunk of your bed.







13. Birkenstocks

“I’m sure no one else packed these!”






14. Bamboo tattoos

Nothing screams “fuck it” quite like letting a stranger permanently ink up your body with whatever they want.







15. Local beer and Pub Crawl tanks

 signs you backpacked southeast asia







A poor backpackers favorite treasure!






16. Buckets

Because normal drinks are for amateurs.







17. The constant echo of “Despacito”

NOOO, not again!!





18. You’ve dressed up like a moron









Someone, somewhere has some very questionable pictures of you.






19. Bracelets

“One of us! One of us!”






20. Scooter wounds









If your wounds didn’t come from a dumb drunken night, than they came from those damn motorbikes.


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