5 Reasons Why I Didn’t Like The Full Moon Party
5 Reasons Why I Didn’t Like The Full Moon Party

Thailand is famous among young travelers for its massive beach party that takes place every month under the full moon.

Thousands of partiers from all over the world come to drink alcohol out of buckets, cover themselves in glow paint, watch fire performers, and dance in the sand until the sun comes up.

You can find the Full Moon Party on travel lists all over the internet. And most of your friends who have visited Thailand know about the party and may have even attended themselves.

While it may be alluring to most partiers around the globe, I’m here to tell you not to believe all the hype.

And I’d like to think of myself as a reputable source in this area because let’s be honest, I’ve done my fair share of partying.

The hype was big and the “party” was huge, but I wouldn’t ever go back or recommend the Full Moon Party to anyone.

Here's why:

1. There are way too many people.

full moon party

There are thousands of travelers littered all over the beach at the Full Moon Party. But lots of people means lots of new friends, right? Wrong.

I actually found it impossible to hang out with anyone other than the people that I arrived with.

  1. There are so many people on the beach that it’s nearly impossible to meet up with the friends you had planned to meet up with days prior.
  2. People didn’t appear to be mingling. As I walked along the beach it seemed like I was observing groups of friends just standing around in the sand. The environment was too big and wasn’t conducive to making new friends.
  3. The Wifi and cell service was absolute garbage because of all the people. So, what happens if you get separated from your friends? GOOD LUCK.

2. No organization.

The Full Moon Party isn’t an actual organized event.

It’s basically a free for all on the beach, which is why it cost zero dollars to attend.

One of the big draws of the party is dancing to music under the stars, but there are no real DJ’s.

Partiers go to a certain beach in Koh Phangan where the beach bars there play their normal music, and attendees come and go as they please.

There are also no designated bathrooms to accommodate the number of people running around. The small bathroom area I did find had shady people outside trying to sell you ecstasy.

It just didn’t seem like a real party or full-fledged event. For all the hype, I was not impressed.

3. Trashy.

This has got to be the trashiest event I’ve ever experienced.

It’s basically crazy 18-to-20-somethings running around, messed up out of their minds, throwing garbage on the ground, making out/fondling each other in the sand, peeing in the ocean, acting like idiots, and passing out all over the beach.

I was completely turned off by everything I saw. It’s really hard to enjoy yourself when you’re constantly disturbed by everyone around you.

4. Shitty music.

For those who know the difference between good dance music and shitty tourist music, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I expected this massive, well-known, “glow rave on the beach” to play some decent and loud EDM. But I was sadly mistaken.

Each of the little bars played their own music, making it a big musical blur of shit. And there was barely any dance music.

The music I was forced to listen to until the sun came up was “Despacito”,  Ed Sheeran, and Top 40 crap. AKA my last choice of party music.

This music is overdone everywhere in Southeast Asia. You’d expect a rave party to be different, but it’s not. It is still Thailand after all.

5. There are other events and similar experiences in Thailand that are much better.

Even though it is a free event, it’s not worth your time, money spent on overpriced/watered-down buckets, or the potential to lose something or hurt yourself. I went to these events in Thailand that were similar and had a blast:

Jungle Party -

The day before each Full Moon Party they throw a Jungle Party. Though you must buy a ticket, it is so much more fun. I truly had a great time.

The Jungle Party is an actual organized event, with a stage and DJ’s, cool art, bathrooms, bars, and an all-around better vibe. It’s not on the beach but buried deep in the jungle. The people there were friendly and fun and it was so much easier to make new friends.

Because it was the day before the Full Moon Party, the people there were experienced partiers who could handle doing two party nights in a row. The cost weeded out any people who weren’t there to really enjoy the music, and it kept the event a much more manageable size. Also, the vibe was totally different because I wasn’t forced to watch reckless young-ins going too hard in the paint.

In addition to the Full Moon Party, the island of Koh Phangan holds many other parties throughout the month including the Half Moon Party, Waterfall and Jungle Parties, and probably more. Any of the ticketed events are safe bets for a wild night you will actually enjoy.

Koh Phi Phi -

Also, every night on the island of Koh Phi Phi you can get nearly the same experience as the Full Moon Party.

At night on Phi Phi the beach bars are filled with partiers who dance on the beach to loud shitty music, drink from buckets, watch fire spinners, and participate in limbo.

It’s basically the same thing without all the hype.


The Full Moon Party wasn’t an epic time.

It was like any average night getting drunk on the beach in Thailand. 

Only this time you had to dodge an insane amount of idiots while drinking overpriced booze in hopes it will help you enjoy the shitty music. All while staying awake overnight wondering when this shit show would end.

I didn’t absolutely hate it – though realistically, I could have fun inside of a cardboard box.

It was alrriiiiight.

But I’d never recommend it to a friend.

Maybe someone I didn’t like, but not a friend.

*None of the images in this post are my own. I often forget to document things for my blog when I’m living in the moment.

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