7 Drool Worthy Meals To Try While Traveling
7 Drool Worthy Meals To Try While Traveling

Yes, this post is about food. 

And no, I really don’t care if it’s silly to post pictures of my meals.

Because yes, I was very hungry when this was written.

And everyone should experience these mouth-gasms.

Moving on…

Food lovers around the globe can agree that one of the best aspects of travel is the delicious food you get to enjoy.

From famous cuisine to different flavors and spices, getting to devour tasty meals is one of my favorite splurges overseas.

While you may not give a damn about the yummy food I’ve consumed over the years, I figured I’d share some of my favorites anyway. Because quite frankly, these meals just make me hungry.

I’ve been to plenty of places, eaten some delicious and not so delicious things, and have taken way too many embarrassing photos of my meals.

But when I think back on the best meals I’ve had, there are a few that battle for that top spot.

In no particular order, these seven meals sent my taste buds to heaven.

1. Red Curry - Koh Lanta, Thailand

After tearing my ACL in Koh Phangan, I retreated to A&J Resort in Koh Lanta to lay low and lick my wounds. I had no idea the wonderful woman who owned the place used to be a chef! I spent an entire week eating some of the most delicious Thai meals I’ve ever had, and this red curry with naan was my favorite.

delicious travel meals

2. Steak and Potato Pie - Mackay, Australia

When visiting a friend in Mackay, Australia, we spent a day stopping by the best local spots around. He hit it out of the park when we popped into Pinnacle Pub for lunch for their famous pies. This steak and potato pie with gravy chips hit the spot after a day of hiking and swimming. Thanks again, Mitch!

3. Salmon Pasta with Cream Sauce - Corfu, Greece

After a week of eating at my hostel in Corfu, I decided “screw the money” and ventured out to expand my horizons. After exploring the town I found this charming, local restaurant that blew me away. I spent my last four nights enjoying dinner here, as the local couple who ran the place remembered me and saved my table for me each night. I sipped wine, watched the World Cup, and listened to authentic Greek music as I devoured different delicious meals, my favorite being this salmon pasta. 

traveling to greece

4. Pho - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I didn’t aim to pick the most stereotypical meals, but this Pho was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten in my life. I never thought I’d consider a bowl with noodles and meat among my top choices, but this local spot on the streets of Ho Chi Minh hit the spot. I grabbed myself a tiny chair, popped open a beer, and devoured this tasty meal with strangers.

5. Cajun Curry - Borough Market, London, England

While browsing the diverse stalls and tasting delicious samples of local London flavor, I came across these large pans of curry that smelt irresistible. I dove mouth first into a plate of Cajun curry, and the flavors and spices made this one of the best curries I’ve ever eaten.

delicious travel food
delicious travel food

6. Belgian Waffles - Brussels, Belgium

You absolutely cannot go to Belgium without eating Belgian waffles! There’s a reason they’re famous, because they are damn tasty! Just watch out for the gypsies, I genuinely saw them steal people’s waffles.

delicious travel food

7. Gusta Pizza - Florence, Italy

No foodie list could be complete without a little slice of heaven – and this pizza lover found it! I was seeking recommendations for the best authentic Italian pizza, and was directed to Gusta Pizza in Florence. The line out the door didn’t scare me, it only made me more hungry! They cook their pizzas in a wood fire oven and are surprisingly fairly cheap. Everyone knows I have a bit of a pizza problem, so crossing delicious authentic pizza off my list was a bucket list dream.

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