About Me

Hey, I'm Christine!

In a world so big and diverse, we really aren’t that different. We all just want to live a life we love, right?

Many know me as the pizza loving chick from Florida. Others know me as that friend with the insane luck. Both of these things are true. But if you ask me; I’m the always smiling, thrill-seeking, wanderer.

I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb bitten by the wanderlust bug. I’ve always had this strong desire to go to all the amazing places, do all the fun things, and indulge in whatever tickled my senses. As soon as I graduated college I got the chance to travel abroad in the form of a Euro Trip. And you guessed it, I was hooked!

A bachelor’s degree, some serving jobs, and a few internships later, I still wasn’t sure what to do with my life. The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to explore the world and be happy. So, I decided to channel my love for travel into a career and at 23 became a stewardess. I was traveling around the USA for work and around the world for fun. I’ve been to some amazing places and have met even more incredible people. That is what your twenties are for, right? It was life changing. It’s one thing to dream about something, but an entirely different feeling to cross those dreams off your bucket list.

After every trip abroad, my passion grew more and more. I loved my job, but I kept wishing I could be overseas for an extended amount of time (like so many of the people I had met). Why not me? Why can’t I do it too? That little voice in my head grew louder and louder. So, I bravely decided to quit my job and move overseas for as long as I could.  Ever since then I’ve been living and working in foreign countries, coming home for visits, and exploring new locations in between. 

Okay great story Christine, but why are you now blogging?

Honestly, because I love to write. I want to document my mishaps, victories, failures, tips, and experiences. It’s therapeutic for me. This is also for all those people who ask me for stories about my adventures (where do I begin). As many of you know, I also love voicing my opinion. This is another outlet for me to get my thoughts across in hopes someone could find it useful. That’s mainly what this is about. But for anyone who has stumbled through the web and somehow found themselves here, this could be for you too. My content is about living every day following a path that makes you happy. If I can inspire one person to take more risks to follow their dreams, then that’s incredible. That’s what this is all about. Personal inspiration. This blog is a personal reminder to wake up and really live. We are the masters of our own happiness. Let’s make the most of today! Life is too short to not have fun along the way.

So, who the heck should want to read this?
Hopefully my friends (who I know have a personal interest in the situations I find myself in), and anyone else who wants to wake up every day and live a life they love. If you’re a young soul who wants to live life to the fullest, you’ll find something for you here. Maybe you need a push to take that trip you’ve always wanted, to solo travel, to not be afraid to fail, or do something you’ve always dreamed of? Or maybe you just want to be entertained by the comedy of my life?

Well, if you’re interested in:

– Traveling
-Content that inspires you to cross more off your bucket list
-Making your experiences the best they can be
-How a twenty-something year old stumbles her way around the world

Then this blog is for you!

Through writing about the things I’m passionate about, maybe I can inspire others to do more of what they’re passionate about. Expect tips, recommendations, first-account stories, opinions and thoughts about travel, fun events, and personal experiences (basically, all the ways I know how to wake up and live). Everything you read here is my own truth. This blog will be genuine Christine, through and through. I want to inspire myself to continue living a life I love. Hopefully something here will do the same for you.

I sure as hell don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m going half the time, but the journey is always amazing. Life is truly what we make of it, so let’s learn, laugh, and live more together! You in? 



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