Always Enter Those Online Contests That You Think Are Bogus
Always Enter Those Online Contests That You Think Are Bogus

We’re all guilty of it.

Mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds for what seems like eternity. We don’t know why we are doing it or what we are even looking for. Our eyes are glossy, minds are absent, and we aren’t even engaged in half the crap we’re scrolling past.

Most people don’t realize that they’re constantly missing opportunities here. Social media sites are loaded with online contests that anyone can win. From once in a lifetime trips, to concert tickets and luxurious prizes; there are tons of things up for grabs. I know you’ve seen the posts: “Enter Now for a Chance to Win!” You probably scroll right past them. Everyone I’ve asked says they think these contests are bullsh*t.

Well, I want to personally thank those of you who continue to zombie-scroll through your news feeds. Thank you to everyone “too busy” to take thirty seconds to comment on a post, share, or tag a friend. And for everyone who thinks there’s no shot in hell they could win a Facebook contest, I thank you. Because of every one of you not entering contests, I continue to win contests.

Through liking, commenting, and reposting on social media alone, I’ve managed to win:

  • 2 Tickets to TomorrowWorld music festival
  • 2 Tickets to Life in Color Orlando
  • 2 Tickets to Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando
  • 2 Tickets to Sunset Music Festival
  • Countless tickets to local music events in Orlando
  • Runner up travel prize for YachtLife Croatia from Life Before Work

I win. And I win a lot.

These online contests that you think are bogus are not. I’m living proof that by taking the few extra seconds to click on a post and fill out a form you could really win big. But to be fair, I enter a lot. I enter any time I scroll past a contest ad. And to be honest, half of the contests I’ve won I don’t even remember what I did to win. But that’s how easy it is. It’s so easy that you forget you even did it.

What’s the harm in entering tons of free contests? You’re clearly not doing anything productive scrolling through your news feed. The payout could be huge while you risk nothing. Taking those extra few seconds to potentially win something cool may even help you feel better about your social media use.

So, enter! Enter a lot. Don’t dismiss these opportunities to win life changing adventures. These online contests and prizes are real, and someone must win them. If not you, it’s going to be me. And as all my friends know, I don’t need to win any more contests.

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