Stop Using Long Flights As An Excuse Not To Travel
Stop Using Long Flights As An Excuse Not To Travel

When it comes to traveling, I hear the same excuse all the time.

“I really want to go there. I just don’t think I can handle that long of a flight.”

Listen, I understand that traveling is a pain in the ass.

Believe me I do.

I’ve flown countless 12+ hour flights.

I’ve spent over 24 hours traveling to certain destinations.

I’ve slept overnight on the cold airport floor in Paris and have been kept in a holding area in Beijing for over two hours.

Wait, I don’t think that’s helping.

Forget all of that.

It doesn’t even matter.

You know why?

Because once I made it to my destination, it was always worth it.

When I’m confronted with the many people who use a long flight as an excuse not to travel, I try my best. I really do.

I try to empathize and understand the struggle.

But I’m a seasoned traveler, and most of them are not.

I know exactly what they’re missing out on.

So I know how much of a bullshit excuse this is.

I’ve tried to reason with these people – my powers of persuasion can be pretty supreme given the right circumstances.

You know, logic and reasoning and opening people’s eyes and shit.

But logic and reasoning hasn’t seemed to work with you people.

You all know who you are.

Those of you who put off travel because you can’t wrap your head around the actual traveling part.

I’ve had conversations about this with a lot of you.


Since logic doesn’t seem to motivate you, I’m going to try a different approach.

Because travel is something I really believe in.

So, listen up you idiots.

I’ve got some tough love coming your way.

You really need someone to show you just how easy it can be to fly?

You need me to show you how much of a bullshit excuse, “it’s suuuuch a long flight” truly is??

No worries.

I got you.

airplane 2

You’re really telling me the reason you can’t travel is because you can’t sit on your ass for 12 hours?

That it’s too difficult to watch movies for an extended period of time? 

Do you realize how fucking stupid this sounds?

Don’t you dare tell me you guys can’t be lazy all day, because I know every one of you is extremely capable of that.

Especially you, Jared.

The idea of socially acceptable 9AM drinking is something you can’t handle?

Stop lying, Mom.

Sitting on your ass all day, watching newly released films, drinking wine, being fed every few hours like a child, and napping on an off is just TOO DAMN MUCH, and not worth experiencing that trip of a lifetime???

Plus, there are prescription drugs floating around as an acceptable way to “get you through” this awful, terrible experience?!

Jeez, I guess I just didn’t realize how truly torturous something like this could be for people.

My bad.

A trip you’ve been dying to take your entire life is definitely not worth an awful experience like that.

A holiday where you’ll get to cross things off your bucket list, meet new people, experience a different culture, grow as a person, learn new things, and open yourself up to the world is definitely out of the question.

I’s just not worth it!

Do you realize how crazy this sounds?

You’re really willing to let your irrational anxiety and your dislike of being in a tube for a long time stop you from one of the best experiences of your life?


How do you get through your daily life if you let every little hurdle stop you from doing things?

You really won’t take your dream trip because it sucks to be in a plane for a long time?


Stop setting limits and excuses for yourself that don’t need to be there.

You’re all better than that.

You are letting the first step in the travel process stop you from treating yourself to your dreams.

Stop doing that. 

You are putting way too much importance on the flight when your focus should be on the amazing trip that will enrich your life.

You’re adults.

You’re capable of flying.

It’s easy.

Stop stressing about it.

Focus on how happy you’ll be once you land in Hawaii, not how much your ass might hurt from sitting.

There are tons of ways to ease your in-flight woes.

If your legs hurt, walk around and stretch during the flight. It’s not hard!

If you can’t sleep on planes, take sleeping medicine. Or spend your first day overseas catching up on all those missed zzz’s.

It’s really not as difficult as you babies are making it out to be.

It’s almost 20-fucking-20.

These days there’s a solution for virtually everything people bitch about.

Even when it comes to flying.

Buy yourself a neck pillow.

Grab some noise canceling headphones.

Enjoy this “me” time to decompress and not be bothered by people for a while.

Embrace the silence.

Or you can do something really crazy and make a friend on the plane!

You can even up your chances of getting freebies and upgrades from your flight attendants if you play your cards right.

Stop letting this fear of a long ass lazy day on a plane stop you from chasing your dreams.

It’s stupid.

And once you take a few long flights you’ll stop worrying about flying all together. It becomes a non-factor.

Stop making a long flight a deterrent from chasing your dreams.

Your only job on a plane is to do nothing.

So sit back, relax, enjoy the flight, and stop your bitching.

-Love, your Sassy Ex-Stew

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