The Do’s and Don’ts of Holy Ship!
The Do’s and Don’ts of Holy Ship!

After another great year of Holy Ship in the books, I feel an obligation to share what I consider to be the Do’s and Don’ts of shipping.

With more virgins on board 12.0 and 13.0 than ever before, I wanted to share my two cents on what we should and shouldn’t be doing on ship in hopes that the ShipFam culture doesn’t die out.

I witnessed and experienced some unfortunate things during my b2b this year, and I only hope to spread some insight for years to come.

Things are bound to change with the influx of new shippers, but if we want to keep the true ship vibe alive, everyone needs to know the basics.

So, for the newbies out there, here’s a refresher course.

Any OGs feel free to reach out with any additions or corrections to this list, and/or pass this on to your friends.

In no way do I consider myself the holy grail of Holy Ship advice, but I do know the basics.

And I do share the ShipFam mindset.

Let’s make sure Holy Ship stays as epic in 2020, and help everyone follow these Do’s and Don’ts of shipping.

The Do's:

Bring swag to give out and trade.

One of the coolest parts of Holy Ship in comparison to other music events is all the neat swag you get to go home with.

From custom stickers, to bracelets, to patches, pins, and misc. toys, it’s tradition that Holy Ship Fam give out fun swag to all the cool people they meet.

Don’t let the tradition die!

Make sure to come aboard with goodies to give out!

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home and laying out all the treasures you’ve collected.

The swag you collect from your new friends is one thing that makes Holy Ship unique and awesome.

Treat EVERYONE with respect.

No matter who you encounter on the boat, treat them with respect.

That doesn’t just mean your fellow ShipFam.

That means your bartenders, room attendants, and the DJ’s too.

They’re all just regular people, so have fun and be kind!

Take daily vitamins/Emergen-C and stretch.

Maybe I’m an old fart but stretching every morning before a long day of dancing does wonders for my body.

Daily vitamins and Emergen-C will also help prevent you from catching the boat aids.

Yes, that’s what we we call the week-long sickness many people leave the boat with.

Bring Toys.

Toys make everything better.

Inflatable friends, bubble guns, musical instruments, tiny hands, or anything that would be fun on a crazy party boat…bring it!

Holy Ship

Respect the ship.

Please for the love of god, respect the ship.

This means no throwing things overboard, no taping decorations to your door, picking up after yourself, only spraying champagne outdoors, throwing things away, and not breaking things.

Also, please DO NOT SHIT IN THE ELEVATORS or PEE on the top deck.

The goal is to leave no trace.

We want to be welcomed back next year, so if you destroy the ship that won’t happen.

Eat as much free food as you can.

My first year on Holy Ship I barely ever ate, and I died.

When I drink it’s like my body forgets about food.

However, this past year I discovered how great eating is on ship.

Take advantage of all the free food!

Pack up a large plate in the buffet and leave it in your room if it will help you eat later, but make sure to fuel your body!

That 24/7 pizza button on our room phones also saved me.

When my stomach was eating itself at 9AM, some on demand pizza helped me come back to life.

Wear earplugs.

You may not think you need earplugs until you spend a night next to the speakers in the Manhattan.

My ears were throbbing after Zeds Dead’s closing set, and I was wearing ear plugs.

Don’t forget your ear protection! You’ll be thankful later.

Be friendly to everyone you see.

If you’re passing someone in the hall, say hi!

Don’t stare blankly at me and ignore that I have greeted you.

I’m wearing an inflatable frog and a tiny hand for God’s sake, how threatening can I be??

There’s no need to be standoffish to a simple hello.

Do you know where you are?! You’re on Holy Ship!

Loosen up and be friendly to strangers.

Dress Crazy (Because when else are you going to?)

There’s no better place to dress like a giant cock than on Holy Ship!

Bring out your best and weirdest costumes or that outfit you’ve always wanted to wear but haven’t.

This is the place for wacky, hilarious, and WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK outfits.

We love it! Be the person who does the most.

Double check your charges.

Always make sure to double check your charges before and after getting off the boat.

Many people (including myself) get overcharged.

Calling to dispute the charges is a pain in the ass, so be prepared.

But it’s better than being overcharged hundreds of dollars.

Be a team player.

Don’t hold up your group or make everything about you.

Make sure if you’re with a group that you are flexible, can compromise, and are okay with doing your own thing at some points of the weekend.

Don’t make the entire trip about what you want to do because that’s not cool.

Everyone wants to do different things at different times, so be prepared for that.

Bring a fan for the inside stages.

The top deck can be chilly while the inside stages can be brutally hot.

Don’t forget your fans for the inside stages.

Shout out to the girls on 12.0 with the water gun and the electric fan!

Your service to the crowd was much appreciated.

Get Pictures!

Don’t forget to take some pictures!

My first year I neglected to bring my phone anywhere, so I got zero photos. And I was pretty bummed.

I also did not bring my phone anywhere on both 12.0 or 13.0.

However, my friends had their phones, so they were enlisted every now and then to take some photos.

Don’t keep your phone attached to your hand but do remember to get some pictures!

You’ll want to have some.

Explore the ship.

Try to take advantage of all the cool stuff on board the ship!

I still never got in the pool, tried the water slides, attempted the Ice Bar, or gambled.

I really sucked at utilizing the ship.

My one regret every year is that I wish I had done more onboard.

The Don'ts:

Don't come if you don't know anyone on the lineup.

If you have no clue who’s playing on the ship, then why are you even here?

The whole point of the cruise is the music, so if you’re not here for the music you might not be here for the right reasons.

Creep on Women.

This was a huge issue for me on 13.0 and legitimately effected my time/decisions on the ship.

  1. My ass was grabbed three different times in the elevator (and I never found out which person did it).
  2. I was followed around the theater by a creeper.
  3. I had multiple random dudes try to pick me up while I was dancing alone with my frog floatie.

I just wanted to dance and feel the music, not be bombarded with dude after dude asking if I had a boyfriend and drilling me with questions.

I felt so uncomfortable and annoyed after this night that the next day I decided to wear an over-sized T-shirt in hopes that no guys would bother me again…and that’s truly sad.

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I decided to change my outfit in hopes I wouldn’t be bothered by creepy guys. Just because I wanted to have a carefree and comfortable day.

And that’s not right.

Holy Ship
*Not a creep. Just my friend Raaahn. But I did wear a T-shirt so that creeps couldn't see my body and therefore, would hopefully leave me alone for the day.

Please stop bothering women. That’s not the purpose of the ship.

These guys that make girls feel uncomfortable are not ShipFam.

The ship is supposed to be a safe an open environment to be you truest and happiest self.

If you’re sole goal of every night is to get laid, then get off our fucking boat. You’re killing my vibe and don’t belong here.

Tape anything to the doors.

Please resist the urge to go crazy and decorate your door by taping decorations to it.

It’s a part of respecting the ship.

The doors are magnetic, so if you want to stand out try magnetic letters, dry erase boards with magnets on the back, or even custom door mats.

That way you still get the door fun and you respect the ship.

Please don’t tape things to the doors!

Take things that are not yours.

Ok, this should be common knowledge but don’t steal shit.

I know it’s hard when really cool toys come your way, but do what’s right.

Return anything you find to the lost and found.

Think about how you’d feel if you lost something important and someone returned it.

Pass that good karma around.

Don’t steal people’s floaties, don’t steal things you find on the ground, and don’t take things off of people’s doors (a special fuck you to whoever stole my dry erase board on 13.0).

Everyone loses stuff on the boat, so if everyone returns things it makes for an even more carefree and safe environment.

Trash the Ship.

This isn’t your house, so please clean up after yourself.

There are trash cans within a 30-foot radius of everything on the boat, so do yourself and everyone else a favor and just walk your cup to a bin.

It’s called “Respect the Ship” and it takes two seconds.

I’m tired of seeing all these posts about “it’s a music festival, I’ve seen worse” because it’s NOT a music festival.

This is different.

And if you come on board with that mentality then you are already apart of the problem.

That’s not the ShipFam culture.

We respect each other and we respect the ship, and that starts with cleaning up after ourselves.

Take some responsibility, it’s a very simple thing to do.

Don’t leave trash laying around!

Smuggle on Drugs.

Do not risk getting arrested or banned from the port.

Don’t smuggle drugs on the boat.

It’s not worth ruining your life over.

Besides, if you need drugs to have fun on Holy Ship then you are truly in the wrong place.

Spread bad vibes.

If you aren’t spreading good vibes around the boat then don’t bother coming back.

Lose your room key.

Oh this is such a pain in the ass please don’t lose your room key!

Use your Holy Ship luggage tag as a key holder and wear it around your wrist if you must.

It’s a pain in the ass to lose your key, so guard it with your life!

Be that person with their phone attached to their hand.

Take it from the person who has kept their phone in their room on every ship they’ve been on.

It is such a better experience to disconnect and truly live in the moment.

Plus, it’s much easier to enjoy yourself without the responsibility of keeping a phone safe. Screw the videos and pictures!

Enjoy the damn moment.

If you’re busy on social media instead of dancing to the delicious set right in front of you, then you’re seriously missing out.

Part of the fun of the boat is disconnecting from the outside world and connecting with all the crazy animals around you.

Don’t miss that part. Get off your damn cellphones!


Come to enjoy the music, the hilarious and wonderful souls, and make memories that are far more incredible than any music festival.

Don’t book Holy Ship if you can’t be a decent and respectable person.

If you can’t follow what NOT to do, then please don’t come back.

Our family doesn’t need you diluting the culture.

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  1. I got a 1,900$ charge from at & t, cause I just wasn’t aware of roaming. So AIRPLANE MODE is SO IMPORTANT

  2. Great write-up! Thanks for taking the time. I’d like to express a slightly differing opinion on 2 points:

    1) Spraying champagne. As you mentioned, a great part about Ship is all the awesome costumes and outfits that people take the time to create and wear. None of those outfits are enhanced, and many are ruined when they are sprayed with champagne. When champagne mixes with sweat, it stinks. While I understand that many people like spraying champagne, remember that nearly NO ONE LIKES TO BE SPRAYED WITH CHAMPAGNE. But everyone loves taking a pull from a cold bottle. So instead of spraying it, pass it around! 🙂

    2) It’s all about the music. I partially / borderline completely disagree here. (I know, but hear me out) For me Ship is about the people and the party. I don’t have time to keep up with all the new artists and I have no problem getting down to someone I don’t know. Maybe your favorite artist didn’t join the line-up, but rest assured, the artists that did, do no suck! 😉 In fact, one of my favorite feelings is when I am lost in dance, a set ends, I realize I have been dancing for over an hour and have no idea who I was listening to.

    1. I agree with you 100% on the Champagne. I don’t appreciate being covered in it but do appreciate the fun feeling of spraying it around.

      And with your second point, the main takeaway I wanted to come across is if you’re not on the ship for the music, then you MAY not be there for the right reasons. You can come just for the party, but some people who come just for the party also come with bad intentions towards women (like I experienced).

      I by no means meant “if you don’t like techno go home” but it is half of the reason to be on the ship.

      Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

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