The Power of Positivity: A Beer Pong Story
The Power of Positivity: A Beer Pong Story

Most of you pessimists out there probably scoff when reading “the power of positivity.” And I get it, because I use to be one of you. But I haven’t been in a long time thanks to experiences like this that continue happening in my life. I’m excited to share this true story with you because it clearly shows how the power of positivity and good energy can affect your life. It’s proof (in my eyes) of how your beliefs can influence your reality.

Plus, it’s about beer pong. So that’s cool.

It was just another normal night in Thailand working at a party hostel. This night we had a beer pong tournament, and I normally always sign up with one of our guests.

Earlier that day I had a long talk with this new guest named Perry. He told me how he had just spent weeks at a meditation retreat. We bonded over common ways of thinking and our shared zodiac sign. I got a good vibe from him from the start, and I loved his energy.

I figured we’d be a good team because Perry seemed like a very positive person. I normally pick a partner who will keep the good vibes flowing regardless of how we’re performing. I asked him if he wanted to play together, and he was stoked. He was already calling us Team Taurus, and insisted we’d be a good fit because of our similar mindsets. I was excited to be his partner.

I always like to give a team pep talk before the tournament starts, and tonight was no different. I told him I’ll always stay positive, I’d prefer to alternate who shoots first, and I liked to tap balls together before shooting for good luck. He loved it.

Once the tournament began we were one of the first teams to start. The game moved extremely slow as neither one of our teams could sink a single cup. We went back and forth for rounds and rounds without any progress.  I felt like a terrible partner, as I’m normally pretty good at beer pong. But Perry never allowed me to feel down. I may not have been making any cups, but these girls we were playing weren’t even close. We still believed we could win.

I am not exaggerating when I say this was the worst game of beer pong ever played.

This game went on for 45 minutes. I still had not sank a single cup. I was playing like crap. Perry had made four, these girls has made two. My co-workers were looking at me like I had grown a second head. The guests were laughing, and the clock was ticking. I had zero answers for them. But we had to finish this game.

I was so thankful Perry was carrying the team, but this was going nowhere. Eventually these girls ended up giving up because we were all so bad. We won by forfeit. How embarrassing.


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I ran to the bar in hopes that a few drinks would sharpen my skills. Perry and I regrouped. We agreed that what just happened was terrible, but next was a new game and a new chance to redeem ourselves. We still believed we could pull out the win. I thanked him and gave him props for holding the team, but promised I was going to show up to this next game. I felt that it was going to be better.

When it was our turn again, they called us to play on the best table in the hostel – thank god! This was the table I had practiced on the most. I felt much better about our odds until I saw who we were playing against. Our opponents were Greg, my 6-foot-five coworker who I was never able to beat one-on-one, and a guest who had won the tournament two days before.


We had a huge crowd around the table because everyone had seen me shit the bed the last round, and they knew how good the other team was. I heard lots of remarks like, “Come on Christine, you’ve got to do better this time!” and “Oh this should be interesting.” Greg started in with his usual smack talking, but I looked at Perry and his confidence comforted me.

We won the rock, paper, scissors, to see who goes first. We both tapped balls for good luck, and one by one we each sank a ball. Relief and confidence shuttered through my body. Ok, this is what we need.

The game moved much quicker than the previous match as Greg and I alternated sinking balls for our teams. Before each shot Perry and I exchanged positive affirmations and fist-bumped when they went in. Before I knew it Greg and I had sank four cups each.

I felt much better to be carrying my weight on the team, but I knew I wouldn’t be here without Perry. He tried to apologize for not sinking any cups, but I stopped him right there. I said, “No, Perry, we are a team. You held the team last time I got us this time. There’s still two more cups on the table, I know we are good!”

We tapped balls for good luck, and I threw my ball first. A miss. Damnit.

I looked at Perry and said, “You got this!” He nodded, threw his ball, and sank it. We were ahead!

But Greg’s team answered back by sinking a cup too. We were all tied with one cup left each.

The energy around the table was jumping from spectator to spectator. The crowd had livened up with such a surprisingly close game.

We tapped balls and agreed we needed to finish this game. I said, “If you make it, I’ll make it and end this!” I can’t really explain it, but we felt confident.

He threw the ball and made it in the last cup. The crowd went crazy and Greg quickly responded with, “It doesn’t mean anything! We still have redemption!”

Not if I made the cup too. Perry looked at me and said, “You got this.”

I threw my ball and it went straight into the same cup. Game over. No redemption.

What a comeback! Perry and I hugged with such happiness. We reminded each other that if we just keep thinking positive we could take this thing! We shook hands with our opponents who gave us props. It was a big win.

After that game we both had this confidence and energy that we hadn’t had earlier in the night. We had felt our energy slowly rise after each game. We were so excited when we found out that we were going to the final match.

Greg came to me and warned me about the team I’d be playing against in the final. He said they had been on fire all night, and that it may be smart to approach them and see if they wanted to split the prize winnings regardless of who won. Many teams choose to do this on tournament nights, so I approached our rivals and asked if they were in. We all agreed to split the cash regardless of who won or lost.

We shook hands and the final game started. I showered Perry with words of encouragement and a team moral pep talk. We were going to win this thing! We could do it!

Once again, we won the rock, paper, scissors to see who throws first (apparently that’s one game I’m excellent at). We tapped balls for good luck and somehow both sank a cup. We fist bumped and got the balls back. We switched who shot first, and we both sank separate cups AGAIN. We couldn’t believe it. Neither could anybody else. This time around we were both doing our part. It felt amazing for both of us. We now had two cups left to make while they still had six.

What a start to the final round!

Our opponents both grabbed the balls, took their shots, and missed.

Once we both had the balls again, we ball tapped for luck and took our shots. Perry made another cup, while I missed. The crowd was going wild!

The rule at the hostel is that if you don’t make a single cup before the other team makes all of their cups, then the losing team has to run through the hostel naked. Our opponents were dangerously close to a naked lap if they didn’t sink a cup fast.

They both got the balls back, lined up, and missed. Again.

Perry and I both now had the balls. We wanted to end this on a high note. We looked at each other and just knew we were going to win this. One cup left. One of us was going to sink this shot.

One last ball tap for luck, and I sank the last cup. To make it even crazier, Perry made it too.

No redemption. A naked lap. And a crazy comeback. We won the tournament!

Words can’t really describe the excitement and energy we both felt. I was so proud of us! I gave him the biggest hug and reminded him, “I knew we would be a good team! We never gave up and believed in each other the entire time. I’ve always felt that to win you do it as a team! And we deserve this win!”

Plus, a naked lap in the final round?! That never happens!

Our opponents were just as stunned as we were. The entire hostel was chanting, “Naked lap! Naked lap!” but they never ended up doing it. I wasn’t excited to share my prize winnings since they had lost so badly and didn’t do their naked lap, but Perry reminded me that we had made a promise and it was the right thing to do.

This mindset and energy is exactly why I wanted him to be my partner in the first place. He really was the perfect teammate for me.

I honestly believe I will never play a better tournament of beer pong in my life.

We started the night with the worst first round probably ever played, to the best final round possible, I finally beat a coworker I had never defeated before, and I won with Perry because we were both positive the entire time. We never stopped believing in each other and our capabilities. We stood up for each other whenever people had a smart comment to make. We kept our energy up when the other needed us most. It was a partnership. A true team victory.

There’s no chance in hell we would have won if we didn’t believe in each other, in ourselves, or the power of positivity.

The win reminded us that we can do anything with the right mindset.

I wouldn’t want to win any other way.

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