I Mail Hand Written Love Letters to Strangers – Part 2
I Mail Hand Written Love Letters to Strangers – Part 2

Ooops! I did it again.

Welcome back for Part 2 of me mailing creepy love poems to strange boys.

You’re probably wondering how I got myself into this predicament once again.

And well, here’s the thing…

The first time went so damn swimmingly that I thought “what the hell,” and just had to go for round two.

Only this time was different.

This time I knew the person for more than one faded night – it was more like one faded weekend.

Part 2

Last January I attended a legendary event that had always topped my bucket list.

The event was Holy Ship!

For the noobs out there, Holy Ship is an EDM party cruise.

It’s four wild nights of non-stop music, fun in the sun, wild activities, and all with your favorite artists roaming around the boat.

It’s one hell of a ride.

But as any normal cruise goes, once you arrive on board everyone is required to attend the lackluster muster.

And like every other cruise I’d attended before this, I was hammered at muster.

After drinking with strangers in the boarding line and making stiff drinks from the booze we had smuggled on board, we had to rally once we heard the announcement signaling it was safety time.

Once we found our muster spot per our door’s instructions, we forced our way to the ship’s auditorium where our safety instructions were to be given.

Once seated, we made friends with all the filthy animals around us.

Not a single person was listening to the safety drills (and if there was ever a group of people who needed to know the ship’s safety procedures, it was this pack of degenerates). Clearly though, everyone was buzzin and could not be fazed with paying attention.

After being ridiculed for quite some time that we were not at the correct muster station (I swear I wasn’t just a drunk idiot; later on I double checked our door and it did tell us to be at the auditorium) the cute boys who were seated next to us couldn’t help but laugh at us hysterically.

We talked for a good while with these nice young lads and became friends.

Because that’s what you do on ship.

We got their room number and were planning to hang out later.

Yay! New mates.

Throughout the weekend I had hung out with these boys and their crew a lot.

I ran into them at different stages, in the halls, at breakfast and such.

One of the boys had really caught my eye. He was so easy to talk to and great looking.

Apparently, he was interested too because the last day on board we played phone tag all day.

I’d call and leave a voicemail on his room phone saying I’d be dancing at this DJ and to come find me, and he’d call my room and tell my roommate where to find him.

(Cell service wasn’t an option, so this was a viable way to meet up)

It was nearing the end of the last night when suddenly my cute boy shows up right beside me excited as hell.

He found me! He said he got my last voicemail and went searching for me.

Yes! We had another shot.

I smoothly ditched the new group of friends I was currently raging with and Jose and I left to go meet up with his crew at the Fool’s Gold Rap Party.

And holy ship – it was lit! It was three hours of straight rap, hip-hop, and filth.

A block of booty-shaking sweatiness was the perfect way to end an all dance music cruise.

We started dancing for a while and were really feeling each other.

I wanted so badly to kiss him but didn’t want to be too forward in front of his friends.

Once the music had ended, we all headed upstairs to grab some food and then chilled in their room a bit longer.

As the night grew late, I had to leave to pack my bags and be ready to disembark in a few hours.

We were all so bummed it was over.

I tried calling him one last time to come hang out with me, but it never happened.

I was super interested in this kid the entire weekend and nothing really came of it. 

I was bummed.

A few days later, as I was scrolling through the Holy Ship Facebook group enjoying all the wild memories of the past weekend, I saw a post from my guy.

He was searching for an extra Holy Ship luggage tag (they passed these out as we boarded the boat).

Luckily for him, I had an extra to spare!

I messaged him that I could help him out, and he sent me over his address.

And you guessed it.

As soon as I got that address my evil grin and mischievous eyes lit up.

This kid’s getting a love letter.

It was hilarious the first time.

And hell, maybe this time I’ll get one in return.

Here’s what my silly mind came up with the second time:

love poems

Yes, I ruthlessly did it again. Ain’t no shame in this game.

A few weeks later he texted me with a picture of the letter.

Good! At least the boy received the letter this time.

He loved it, insisted he was going to keep it, and said he would mail one back.

Yes! My love was being reciprocated!

Except, I never got a letter.

He insisted he sent one, but I don’t believe it. Words are empty without actions.

Maybe he just wasn’t that into me.

From texts I had received from him much later, I didn’t think that was the case.

Maybe he’s lazy. I’m not sure.

Maybe he’s just not the type of person to write creepy love poems to strangers.

I mean, not everyone is. It’s a pretty off the wall thing to do.

Because who really does that?

But I’m still holding out.

Still hoping one day I’ll receive a rhyming piece of mail from a strange boy.

Just searching for someone who will match and reciprocate my humour.

Until then, I’ll continue putting my heart on the line.


Will I ever get a love poem in return? 

Tune in for Part 3, coming soon!

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